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The mission of One Bite at a Time Ministries is to provide resources to enable those battling cancer to fight with faith over fear. One Bite at a Time Ministries was established with the desire to provide emotional, spiritual, and healing support for cancer patients which includes peace, hope, and trust.


You can see God through every step of the beginning of my ministry. The day after my diagnosis, a good friend came into my classroom and asked, “How do you eat an elephant”. I did not know quite how to answer her question. She said, “you just worry about only one bite. Then you can worry about the next. Just one bite at a time.” She then said, “God promised to be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. So just worry about that one step then He will guide you with the next.” About 30 minutes after she walked out of my classroom, another friend came in with a gift. It “just so happened” to be an elephant. I knew immediately that all of this could not have all happened without God being totally in control and for the first time, I truly felt hope. He proceeded to be totally in control of my whole journey.

About a year after my final surgery and treatment was over, I heard of a friend who had cancer. I wanted to share my faith story with her and decided to give her an elephant as part of my testimony. Since then, I’ve given out over 200 elephants to different people of all walks of life. Of the 200 elephants, I’ve purchased less than 10. God has provided the rest through my friends.

I would love to keep this faith walk going and share an elephant with you or a loved one who has cancer.

-Paula Gower

Let our Ministry Team guide you and your loved one

At any time you want someone to pray with/for you or your loved one going through cancer or you or your loved one wants to know more about a relationship with Christ, please push the appropriate button below. This will direct you to an email pop up, and someone will respond within 24 hours.


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